Find a job in Canada for newcomers

New immigrants can start their job search online.

After settling in Canada, the first step for people is to find a job that fits their experience and interests. (A process that can be challenging for newcomers.) Because the corona epidemic makes job search more difficult, newcomers need to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the job market.

Here are some tips to help newcomers find and find a job, and move in the right direction:

Set up a resume

For newcomers, a resume is the most important factor in getting accepted for a job interview and finding a job. However, Canadian resumes are traditionally categorized, and highlights of a person’s work history are more important to employers than long descriptions of jobs done. Therefore, it is better for people to adjust their resume according to any job position they intend to apply for; Until they submit the same resume for all options.

An appropriate and professional cover letter can also be effective in proving the background and desire of people to work with employers.

Limited search

Thousands of jobs are offered daily on Canadian job search sites. Searching and reviewing all of these is very time consuming. As a result, choosing the one that best fits your experiences is a priority. Finding a particular career may take longer, but people will be more qualified as well as more satisfied if they offer such jobs.

Immigrants who have not yet settled in the province should look for areas related to their work history. For example, for an IT specialist, living in big cities like Toronto or Vancouver can offer more job opportunities.

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