Immigration services for Iranians

Extensive information about the company in the field of working and studying in Canada through the website of Talé Investment and Immigration Consultants Group, holding seminars to get acquainted with the Canadian labor market, as well as continuous communication with immigrants and responding to them via e-mails and Live Internet TV has also been part of these efforts.


The Startup Program in Canada grants eligible entrepreneurs permanent residency in Canada. The goal of this program is to hire innovative entrepreneurs in Canada, link them to private sector business (reputable investment groups, investment funds or business incubators), and facilitate the establishment of business in Canada.


If you are the owner or one of the senior managers of a registered company, you can apply for a work visa by establishing a branch of your company in Canada.


Citizens of Canada or permanent residents can sponsor their parents to stay in Canada. Citizens of Canada or permanent residents can sponsor their spouses to stay in Canada.


The first step to studying in Canada is to get admission to a school, university or educational institution. The second step is to apply for and then to obtain a study visa. In order to receive admission, you need to complete the required forms and send them along with the announced documents according to the instructions of the place of study. If your application is approved, you will be issued a letter of acceptance by which you can apply for a student visa.

Commercial Ways to Secure Immigration

Immigration to Canada

Commercial Ways to Secure Immigration

Immigration to Canada

Talé professional Advisors with over 10 years experience in Immigration is ready to help you and your family settle in Canada.
With two offices in Iran and Canada, our team is ready to assist you with not only coming to Canada but to succeed in your new home.
Talé Professional Advisors is managed by Ario B. Talé
Ario Talé is:
• Member in good standing with ICCRC (#R506449)
• Official representative of Investment companies in Canada
• Official representative of school boards and academic institutions
• General Manager of Tale Professional Advisors,

Canada Office Members:

  •  Managing Director: Ario Barzin Tale Yazdi 
  • Toronto Office Manager: Avid Abolhassani

** Tehran office members:

  • Tehran office manager: Hamed Abolhassani
  • Internal manager: Naghmeh Aslani
  • Legal expert on immigration: Sarvanaz Bahadory
  • In charge of legal and administrative affairs: Sara Pasand