Updating the list of jobs covered by the Quebec “Facilitated LMIA” process

In Quebec, employers are exempt from proving their employment efforts in some occupations to hire foreign workers. The Quebec Ministry of Immigration provides an annual list of occupations under which employers do not need to advertise a job position for the workforce before hiring a foreign worker. There are 181 jobs on this year’s list, which include telecom carriers, computer and information systems managers, building and home renovation managers, and geologists and oceanographers, among others. A 30-day transfer period for employers Or there is a representative to review the application submitted in last year’s list.

Rising costs for the Quebec immigration process in 2021

Quebec employers offering one of the jobs on this list should follow the facilitated approach.

Facilitated LMIA in Quebec

Canadian employers intending to hire temporary foreign workers must show that they have advertised a job in a variety of ways in order to request an “assessment of the impact on the LMIA market”; they must also provide proof of their employment efforts. .

These efforts may include promoting the position for at least 28 days, and interviewing eligible applicants. Thus, employers must prove to the Government of Canada that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is willing and able to be employed in this position, and the employer needs to employ foreign labor. The process of hiring foreign labor by Quebec employers, with other employers Canadian provinces vary. Quebec employers hiring temporary foreign workers for some targeted jobs should also request an “LMIA market impact assessment”.

Canada’s growing need for technical talent

But they do not need to provide proof of their advertising or recruitment efforts. This method of application is known as a “Facilitated LMIA”. “Facilitated LMIA” applications must be approved by federal and provincial authorities.

Therefore, employers wishing to hire foreign workers are required to submit the required application forms and documents to the Canadian Center for Employment and Social Development (ESDC) and MIFI.

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